Delivery Terms and Conditions

Board Pro Pty Ltd requires a minimum 5-day lead time to process, fulfil and deliver the expected order, if you require a delivery outside of these time frames please contact Board Pro directly.

You may not hold Board Pro Pty Ltd liable for any delays due to our website order and delivery processes.

The following requirements are required for a successful delivery from Board Pro Pty Ltd, if required Board Pro Pty Ltd can offer a Pre-Delivery Inspection to ensure a successful delivery, the cost for this service is $120 inc gst.

  • Access Point for delivery must be clear
  • Is there uneven ground or open trenches
  • Scaffold must be certified and safe for delivery

Board Pro has the right to decline/cancel the delivery if it is in violation of our Delivery OHS policy, in the event Board Pro Pty Ltd has to cancel your delivery you will be refunded for the product’s purchased excluding the delivery charges.

If you have selected a crane delivery (e.g. first floor) you must confirm that the scaffold is certified and that it can support the weight of your delivery, failure to do so may involve additional delivery charges, if you have any questions about the requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If Powerlines are present Board Pro Pty Ltd must be advised if a spotter is required for a safe delivery to occur due to overhead powerlines a charge of $300 inc gst may be applicable.

If Traffic management is required for the delivery you must ensure that it is present and operational at the time of nominated delivery.